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Sunday, May 3, 2015

What Came First, the Chicken or the Earthquake?

Hello there and welcome to fabulous Sunday.  The day we all spend wishing was still Saturday.

I must say it has been a glorious weekend so far.  The weather is incredible, the sky is blue and the trees are beginning to leaf out, finally!

I spent the day Saturday remodeling the chicken coop.  Our 6 new chickens are almost fully feathered and yesterday was their first trip outside.  The coop needed some refurbishing in order to hold more chickens comfortably.  I added another 20 sq. feet and made a new roost out of a branch from the tree in the front yard. 

While in the coop working I felt and heard, the strangest thing.  It was as if a giant semi-truck was hauling a$$ down the road with full exhaust brakes engaged.  I kept waiting for it to roll on past the house.  I could feel it through the floor of the chicken coop.  It never drove by and the noise and the vibrations promptly went away.  I dismissed it and went back to work.

Later on during the day I heard that we had an earthquake here in Michigan.  Its epicenter was not too far away from my house.  It registered a 4.2 at its source and here at my house registered a 3.5.

Now it makes sense. 

So I am here to tell you that I survived the Michigan earthquake of 2015.

Here are a few pics.

It appears that after the earthquake our roads were not damaged and remain exactly the same as before!

Until next time!


  1. LOL - you crack me up, just about as much as that road damage… I laughed when I saw the patio set. I hope the rebuild doesn't take as long as my epic renovations. I'm still laughing - that was a great, and very amusing, post. Just what I needed to start my Sunday morning.

    I hope you're having a great day in the yard. Cheers, Jenny

  2. WOW...I was floored when I read about the quake yesterday in the state up north. Glad you survived. And congrats on finishing the challenge. I'm still visiting a to z folks.

  3. Well when you first told me about it yesterday I assumed that you consumed to many miller lites. But after an afternoon conversation with your grandfather here in Florida he told me he read about it in the Sunday paper. So I guess all I can say is quake open another miller lite sit back and enjoy the rumble.

  4. You experienced and earthquake and didn't even know it! We've felt a few tiny ones like that here.

    1. That last sentence?
      Oh. My.
      Someone who lives in the gutter would have a field day with something like that.
      Hmm, the fact that I pointed it out must mean that I live in the gutter.
      Guilty as charged.

  5. I love the comment from 'dad' above. I've never experienced an earthquake, but I've drank enough beers to simulate the feeling of being in one.

  6. I did hear about the earthquake. Even us who live in California and are "used" to them still wonder when we are feeling them "what is that" until we realize it is probably an earthquake. Its what we think is an earthquake and then find out it wasn't that gets us confused. Glad there wasn't any damage!


  7. Huh. I didn't know you lived in Pennsylvania.

  8. Huh. I didn't know you lived in Pennsylvania.


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