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Friday, October 30, 2015

Bushman's Weekly Updates and Adventures

Well hello there and welcome to today’s edition of The High Cost of this Low Living.

While I’m all out of major headline news and epic renditions of adventurous fishing trips into the remote Canadian bush (eh?) I do have a few things to share. 

Let’s get started shall we?  I don’t want your coffee getting cold or Heaven forbid you’re beer getting warm.

So here is what Corabella looks like today. 

Sometimes when its cold I wished I still had my lanugo!

 I spoke briefly with her the other night (via the tummy express hotline).  I want her to know my voice so when she arrives I won’t be a stranger to her. 

Can you imagine popping out of warm, quiet and I’m guessing dark place, to a bright white light and a bunch of strangers staring at you naked?  Reminds me of that time at McDonalds in the ball pit.  I should have never gotten that drunk! 

We have another ultra-sound due in the first part of November so I’ll have an actual pic then.

Some family updates:
My Pops recently had some heart surgery performed.  This link will explain it better because my medical knowledge still consists of that song, “Thigh bone is connected to the leg bone, leg bone is connected to the…”  Well, you get the point.

He was also just diagnosed with Prostate cancer and after all the scans and x-rays and what not the Dr. has deduced that the cancer has not spread anywhere and he will be undergoing surgery to remove it.  Here is a picture of prostate cancer.

That definitely needs to go!

I have been on a new lifestyle change the past month or so.  I was just too fat and unhealthy and I have decided to do something about it.  I have been running a lot.  Eating better (and not so much) and so far I have dropped 15 of the desired 25 pounds.  I was hoping to hit 200 pounds by the time I leave for Mexico.  Gotta’ get my beach body right?  Wish me luck!

Last weekend I spent “Up North” as we Michiganders so fondly refer to anywhere north of Clare, Michigan. 
A friend has some property and has graciously allowed me to hunt it.

I hauled up the pop-up camper and necessary supplies for a weekend hunting trip.  (AKA, beer and a can of soup.)  My brother and his girlfriend met me up there and she, an archery target shooter, progressed from a range hunter to a woods hunter.  We had a great time despite the inclement weather and falling tree branches.  Here are a few pics of our weekend.  My brother is an avid wild mushroom hunter and he found this giant mushroom just off the trail on the way into camp.  We ate it!

I also have this video of some after hunting activities.  Someone does not allow videos so I had to be sneaky.  He’ll kill me but oh well!  While I seem to have a knack for hard labor he actually has talent!

So I’m home this weekend but will return to the great north next weekend for another long weekend of bow hunting. 
Then I will be up there again on November 13th for the gun season.  I have that whole week off work as well as the entire next week.  I return to work on Nov. 30th and work for 8 days and then depart for Cancun, Mexico on the 11th.  I return home form Cancun on the 20th and then I work for one and a half days and then I’m off until January 4th.   It is going to be awesome!

Here is where we're going in Cancun.

Excellence Resorts Playa de Mujeres

So until next time I bid you farewell and good day!


  1. A trip to Cancun sounds great! Just avoid the ball crawl.
    Glad everything is progressing well with your daughter.
    And prayers everything goes well with your father's surgery.

  2. That was interesting about the procedure your dad had on his heart; I hadn't heard of it, heard of the other ablations but not the freezing technique. Hope that controls his heart rhythm and hoping his surgery goes well.

    Still praying for Corabella :)

    Sounds like wonderful times ahead with all your trips/adventures and time off from work! Enoy!


  3. Your post is so happy and upbeat and I am thrilled for you. I wish your dad a speedy recovery so he can get back to fishing soon enough. Can't wait to see the ultrasound pic of Corabella. Love that name. Cancun?? Jealous! I've never been but it'd on the list. Can't wait to see pics from there.

  4. Hope all goes well with your dad. I'm glad to hear things are going well with the baby and your weight loss. And that I'm not the only one who's ever been aggressively escorted out of a McDonald's ball pit.

  5. Hi Bushman,
    I'm playing catch up - what an amazing post. I echo Barb's sentiments… so happy and upbeat!
    I hope your dad is mending well - tell him I'm sending smiles and happy thoughts his way. I'm tickled you're talking to Corabella - she's one lucky little girl having you for a dad.
    As to Mexico… you two will have a blast, and enjoy it, because soon afterwards you two kids will be having a little one to keep you hopping.

    Sending you and Angel happy vibes and easy times during the pregnancy.


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