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Friday, November 6, 2015

Bushman Goes Hunting

Hello, Hello, Hello,

It’s early on a Friday morning here in the great mitten state of Michigan.  The weather is a tad frightful at the moment.  The wind blew so hard a moment ago it knocked my grill completely on its side.  Accompanied by rain it makes a formidable foe. 

So I am just killing some time before I get in the truck and head for the great north and a few days of deer camp.  According to the weather report, by the time I reach camp the front will have passed and except for some wind the weather will be much better sans rain.

I will be going alone.  The truck was packed last night.  I left my camper up there two weekends ago so I only need to take a few things (which consists of a truck packed full) 

I have been taking things up in anticipation of my week long stay starting next weekend.  Normally I would cut firewood while I was up there, but cutting firewood can be dangerous, potentially fatal if you make the wrong mistake, so I have decided not to cut firewood (I will be alone) and haul some up instead.  So the truck is packed half full of firewood along with water and coolers and plastic totes full of gear.  The rut is in full swing right now and I need to get in a tree and wait for that big buck to mosey by. 

So that is where I will be this weekend.

What are your plans?

My weight loss plan is coming along nicely.  I joined a challenge group last weekend and we pledged to spend 5 days exercising and eating healthy.  I’m proud to say I made it my 5 days and I lost another 4 pounds. 

Momma is now 15 weeks pregnant and here is what Corabella looks like now.

I can’t wait to meet her.  I was lying in bed this morning thinking about her and I came up with another story to write for her.  This one will be called the Bubble Princess.  It is about a little girl who only comes to life when a child is in a bubble bath.  However, she can only live inside one of the bubbles.  I imagine it will be fun to read to her while she is taking a bubble bath. 

We recently had an appraisal done on our house.  We are looking to refinance, consolidate and over-all get ready for a baby.  We really were not anticipating another child and as such our budget was not looking all that great. 
The good news is that we have raised the value of our house by 30% in just 4 years and we will be able to take a nice chunk of cash from the equity, skip two mortgage payments and lower our house payment at the same time. 
Hard work finally pays off!

I hope to have some pictures of a nice buck for you next week!
Until then…Cheers!


  1. Hope your camping week is a good one! Wise not to split the fire wood up there if you will be alone; rather safe than sorry :) It really does make a difference to keep the house up when it comes time to either re-finance or sell it. In the market ourselves for a house; we've seen all kinds out there but are more attracted to those that are not in need of a lot of work but almost move in ready. Time is marching on and soon you will be holding Corabella :)


  2. Raising the value thirty percent in just four years is good.
    Funny your truck is full of just a few things. Stay safe while hunting.

  3. It's another sunny pleasant day in Los Angeles. A bit cooler of late--in the 70's by day while dipping into the frigid 60's at night.

    I've never been hunting in my life--at least not in the way you will be doing. I've hunted for music, books, and restaurants in which to eat--stuff like that, but not in the hunter/gatherer sense of the word.

    Have a good time.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  4. Enjoy yourself and relax. Glad to hear the news on your mortgage. Been there before!!

  5. Bring back a buck, or two! Here that would be called a twoonie… hahahaha that's money talk. No seriously though, good luck bagging a deer. I'll keep my finger crossed.

    And, good job with the house and the refinancing - man, you must be so proud of yourself - looks like everything is falling nicely into place. Looking forward to next week… happy hunting. Cheers, Jenny.

  6. I love the Bubble Princess story. Well, not for a guy like me, but for your wee one when she's born. And this is why we always go camping together, so that we can experience the joy (and recklessness) of getting hammered and chopping firewood.


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