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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Nursery Updates

Good Morning and Sunday Salutations,

Welcome to the new week.  I hope it treats you well.  I spent the weekend doing home improvements. Yeah, I know, shocker!

I purchased three more windows for the upstairs.  Two in the living room and one in the kitchen.
I spent Friday, window shopping.  (Couldn't resist the pun, sorry.)  I also was on a mission to find an area rug for the nursery.

We didn't want to spend a ton of money on a rug that will most likely get changed out in a few years.  Those dang things get ridiculously expensive.  It just so happened that the firsts store I checked had an 8x10 plush rug in an Ivory shade.  Perfect for what I needed.  I wanted it to be a solid color and it had to be soft for baby to crawl around on.

After shopping and meeting Angel for lunch, I went home and removed the two old windows in the living room and replaced them.  They are foam sealed and now awaiting new window trim, caulk, and paint.  I was going to do it yesterday but we went shopping instead.  :)

The nursery is coming along nicely.  The paint is finished, the chair rail is up and the new crib is assembled.
We added curtains and valances and Angel added a nice touch to the curtains by putting bows made of pink and green ribbons at the bottoms.

We found a nice rocker on Craig's List and Angel recovered the cushions in a soft pink fabric.

Our great find yesterday was the giraffe art pictured below.  I just had to have it.

Our progress so far:

I am having so much fun and the baby isn't even here yet!

In case anyone is wondering we are 85 days away from Corabella's debut.  


  1. I love the nursery and all of the little details. The curtains are adorable. You are right, the giraffe is a must! Corabella is going to be very happy!

  2. As long as you're having fun and you're excited, that's all that matters.

  3. You rock! And once little Corabella arrives you'll be rocking a sweet little bundle!
    Sending you and Angel hugs and happy thoughts. Be well.

  4. Window shopping.
    That must be a pane.
    See? I can do it too.

  5. Window shopping.
    That must be a pane.
    See? I can do it too.

  6. Looking really good!!! So cute :) Corabella will love it I think!


  7. Wow, that looks really sharp! And boy are you ever prepared, with so long to go. I'm sure Corabella will love it, though (once she comprehends that sort of thing).

  8. That room is beautiful. Great touches. She'll be here before you know it! Yay!


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