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Friday, February 12, 2016

Bushman Needs to Leave Room for the Baby

Well, well...you came back.

You always do, don't you?

It seems as if I'm always apologizing for not posting enough but sometimes there just isn't anything to post about.  I mean seriously do you want to read about how I went to work all week, then came home and did chores, cooked dinner, watched 5 minutes of TV and then fell asleep?

Yeah me either - even though I live it, it's as boring as watching paint dry.

Speaking of watching paint dry...I did just that this week.

I picked up some small wooden letters (which amazingly corresponded to my babies name) and I spent a few days this week, after work, painting them.

I had some letters left over and if I buy just one more letter I can make another word!

If you remember the colors of our nursery, pink, mint, white and you also remember the really sweet giraffe artwork then you now know what colors I painted the letters.  We took the picture into the paint department at the big box store and they color matched two of my favorite hues in the artwork.  They did a splendid job of it too!

We found these little boxes with chalkboard faces at a local store.  They didn't match and one was broken but we bought them anyway.  I fixed the one and then painted them to match.

I spent some time on-line (via the new religion - Amazon) and ordered a few more things for the nursery, mostly small decor items.  Another little wooden piece of art which just so happens to match the valances as well as some vinyl wall decals depicting a large tree and some happy monkeys and other cute jungle creatures.  I also found some plush stuffed animal curtain holders.  (Adorable little fellows!)

We also picked out a new dresser for the nursery.  Just a simple white chest but the top drawer has removable color panels.  It comes with nine different colors and of course, none of them match, so I will pull out 5 of them and paint them to match the room.

While at the furniture store we picked out a new TV stand.  Of course, I had to assemble it myself and it took 2 days (after work) to get it put together.  Then came the formidable challenge of getting all the wires and cables back in the correct slots, plugs, and outlets.  It looks nice and was worth the effort.

Last Saturday I cut some more firewood and with and all the moving (and shaking) of furniture and what not, and filling in for call-ins at work (lifting heavy ass drive shafts) I have gone and injured my arm.  I'm not sure exactly what did it or if it was a combination of things or perhaps just old age and a lifetime of hard physical labor finally catching up with me but I messed it up pretty good.

All week long it pained me.  I would ice it while at work when I got the chance just so I could make it through the day.  So I plan on resting it for the weekend if possible.

Next weekend is the baby shower.  It's going to be a lot of fun, I just know it.  I don't think most guys go to baby showers but I am!  LOL

That's all I got for today!  Looking forward to seeing my Dad and Mom next weekend!  As well as the rest of both Angel and I's families.  We have quite a few out of towners showing up!

Until next post,


  1. Looks so very nice! Lots of love and effort going into that room for your precious baby :)

    It seems the norm these days that men are included at baby showers; son went to his wife's about a month ago. They had the men do a "drinking" game which I guess was hilarious to watch (the shower was in San Diego and we were invited but couldn't go; we'll go to the shower closer to home)

    Anyway, the men had to drink soda through a baby bottle (small one). First one that finished the bottle won.

    Hope your arm feels better soon!


  2. I think it's called getting older.
    You've really done some nice work on your baby's room.
    Yes, you should get another E and spell beer. Put that one up in the man cave.

  3. Wow, the work you've done on the nursery is just beyond amazing. Just when I think you can't do more... you do more. Now then, about this harrowing tale of working, doing chores, eating dinner, watching 5 minutes of TV, and then passing out... you left us in suspense. THEN what happens?

  4. Everything looks great! It's a fantastic time-enjoy every minute of it!

  5. The nursery looks great! I love the removable panels. Hope your arm is better.


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