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Friday, March 27, 2020

Day 5...We are doomed.

Day 5

Today we ate the last can of baked beans.  I ventured out from the bunker to fill our water jugs but found a pile of human corpses floating in our water supply. 

We are doomed.

The days and weeks we have spent down here in the dank and musty bunker are taking their toll on us.  The wife is developing lesions and the babies hair is beginning to fall out.  She keeps grabbing her pacifier and whispering, "My Precious."

OK it's not that bad. 

However, I will admit that I am a little concerned.  The numbers are rising and I still see and hear of a lot of people out and about when they are not supposed to be.
Many folks have to be out there without a choice.

We have plenty of supplies for awhile.  Our county only has 4 confirmed cases of Covid so I was thinking of making a run today to fill the gaps on a few things like bread and eggs.
My thought train was to get out now before it escalates locally.


Yesterday we spent way too much time on the trampoline (that's what my legs are telling me today!)

I finished off half of the garden prep and made a final grade to allow for proper drainage. 

There was an old chain link fence panel that I use as a trellis for peas and morning glories that was, after the garden remodel, was off center so I dug that up and re-centered it according to the new layout.  Same goes for the arbor and entrance gate to the garden.

On the northeast side of my yard I had an old pile of logs and bark from a previous firewood storage/cutting spot.  I burned all of the large pieces that were left and then raked up all of the mostly rotten bark.  It was 75% of the way to making some fine compost.  I wheelbarrowed that into my asparagus bed to serve as mulch and eventually a nice soil additive as it finishes breaking down.

I will re-seed that area and make it into lawn once again.

Today we will bounce some more, that I am sure of and hopefully I will be able to build the rest of my raised beds. 

Stay tuned for more....



  1. I bet she could bounce like that for hours.
    The numbers keep rising. I think it will be next week at the soonest before we see it begin to taper off.

  2. She is adorable! Good exercise for the two of you!!



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