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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

What is your word?

If you had to describe the events of the last month with one word what word would you choose?

Think long and hard, dig deep.  Pretend that no one on Facebook or Instagram or the little birdie is going to see what your word is.

Let's face it that's where it would end up anyways, right?

Justification by social acceptance.  It is our code nowadays.  What we live by, for and crave.

I find myself reading all of it.  Watching the news and then checking my phone to see how people are reacting to things.
After I've consumed enough of the national/state opinions and ideas I then form my own and most likely those are based solely on a conglomeration of what everyone else is thinking.

Because that's what we do.  We are so far beyond having our own rational thoughts and our own ideas.  Everything is pushed.  Everything is disseminated through the little flat device in your hand. 

EVERYTHING...is not your own.

Let that sink in for a moment and let us get back to that one word you were supposed to be thinking about.

Got it?

I do....Ashamed.

Why, you ask?

Did I not see the people helping others?
Did I not see the donations and huge tips left by celebrities?
Did I not see the singing from the balconies?

Yeah, I saw it.  I think it's great that .000001% of the population did something good.

But wait...didn't I see all of the nurses and doctors risking their lives to save people?
Yes, I saw that.  I see that every day.  They are a special type of people who save people's lives everyday.  They are heroes all of the time.
Why does it take a viral crisis to see that?

There are many examples and I could go on all day but what it really boils down to is what we all do as a collective group.  We are Americans right?
The most patriotic group of folks to ever assemble on the planet?

You're damn right we are.  So what did we do?

We sat on our social media and bitched about everything.  When I say everything,  I mean everything.

Myself included and that's why I chose the word above.

When did we as a society switch from caring and doing our part to who could create the best meme on Facebook.
Why are we so encumbered with our phones that we race to be the one to share a derogatory post?
Why do we bash our friends and neighbors and our place of employment?
So many things taken for granted.  So many keyboard warriors.

It's sad.  Another good word to choose.  It's sad and I'm ashamed.

I don't know where to go from here.  I have been able to really simplify my life the last month but not in a way I should have.  My idea of simplify was to be lazy.
I mean we had a basket full of excuses, right?

I don't want to go back.  I don't mean back to work either.  We have to work to make a living.   I just want to be sure I'm not living to make work.

Call this what you want.  A rant, a bitch or me just running off at the keys but I'll tell you there is a sense of foreboding in me right now that has got me really thinking about what I need out of life.
Not what I want but what I need.

It's not too late to do the right thing/s.


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  1. Gosh I agree with what you said. I'm not sure ashamed would be the word I picked because I've been trying to stay off of social media and trying not to listen to the news and trying to pray for this country and the healthcare workers, etc. I'd say bewildered would be my word. I know how we got here with this virus and I know the seriousness of it, I'm just bewildered with how people reacted to it and why toilet paper and paper towels are still issues a month into this.



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