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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cram Packed Saturday

Wow what a busy day yesterday.
I started the morning off with a blog.  Then I called Grover to see if he wanted to help me find a doe I had arrowed the night before.

I suppose I had better slow down and tell you everyhting one at a time.

Friday afternoon I decided to go out for a hunt.  I wanted to try out my new gun blind out on the farm.  Work out any kinks it might have before the gun opener.  So I packed my bow hunting equipment and off I went.
I got to my blind and situated myself.  I needed about 4 more inches of room in the blind for a comfortable draw with my bow but I endured.
I wasn't there but 20 minutes when a doe walked by.  Too far for a good picture but within 60 yards.  An hour after that a spikey 3 or 4 point walked by.  He was a mainframe spike with kickers.  He was within 30 yards at one time but not a shooter so he walked.  Then a little before dark the famous doe herd walked through.  There is always a big group of does out there.  Numbers go from 4 to as many as 20.  Yes 20.  Year after year we witness this on this particular farm.  So I decided I would take the first one that got close.  With that many eyes, ears and noses around you get busted really quick so you have to move fast.  She came within 15 yards and I let her fly.  Unfortunatley in such tight quarters I jerked or my bow limbs hit the blind or something happened that took my eye off of the impact spot of the arrow.  It sounded good.  If you are a bowhunter you know what that sounds like.  No crack of bone or hollow gut sound.  Just a nice thhhhiiccck sound.  Thats my rendition of it.  It was a pass thru shot as well.  All of the other deer (6 within eyesight of me) jumped but held their ground and continued to mosey around till almost dark.  Once they left I exited the blind and retrieved my arrow.  Good blood on the arrow.
I pulled my flashlight out of my backpack and tried to turn it on but it was dead.  In the failing daylight I tried to locate a blood trail but to no avail.  I did watch the doe run up the trail about 35 yards stop, shake her tail, stagger to the right and take off running again.  Followed thereafter by a crashing noise.  I assumed that she was down somewhere in the thick stuff.  With no flashlight and no visible blood trail I backed out.  When in doubt back out.  I did not witness the impact so I was unsure.  The temps were ok for an overnighter.  So I would come back in the morning.
I picked up Grover about 9 am and we headed out.  We needed to repair a window on his blind anyway.  It had swelled shut and needed some attention.

This is Grover's blind.  Custom built by me.  I gotta take care of my buds!!
So anyways we make it to the spot where I shot her and there is no blood trail.  Now I'm starting to second guess myself.  We walk down the trail and there is a spot here and there but nothing good.  I keep walking down the trail I think she went and I just happen to notice her laying in the tall grass.  Dead.
I roll her over looking for shot placement and lo and behold it was a perfect heart shot.  Just did not leave a blood trail.  It was weird.  Unfortunatley the possums and coyotes had got to her first.  It was messy and stinky.  I managed to save most of the rear quarters and one of the loins.  I will spare you the gory details.
Here is a pic of the little buck.

We never got to fix Grover's blind.  He recieved a call from the Eagles club, where he is trustee, they needed assistance.  So we left there.  Stopped at the club and then dropped him off at home.   I took the deer home and salvaged what I could.  Grover came over and picked me up along with my backpack blower and we went to his house and I helped him clean his yard of leaves.  Angel stopped by when we were done and we went and had lunch then went home and I put the jerky, I had prepped the day before, in the smoker.
I thin sliced some loin while it was still mostly frozen seasoned it and placed in fridge for 24 hours.  Angel helped me lay it out on my new custom built racks for my smoker and a smokin' I went.
I smoked it for about 5 hours.  I wanted it dry and chewy.  This is for all the boys at deer camp this year.  I gotta take care of my boys.!!
Texas stopped by as well.  He wanted to use my backpack blower to finish his leaf clean-up as well.  He is going to bring a brisket over next week to smoke in my smoker.  We will take that to deer camp as well.

6 lbs all laid out ready to season

My faithful helper as always.

Loaded onto my custom racks.  These are exact dimensions of the inside of my smoker.  No wated space here!!

The finished product.  So thin you can shine a light thru it.

Andy and Cami stopped by.  It was a welcome visit.  We got to catch up a little.  They are such wonderful people.   They brought their dogs over too.  They have two female labs.  Black and yellow.  You can imagine how much big brown dog liked that.  He loves to play with other dogs.
We also took him to the neighbors around noon.  They were at a football game and we had to let their dog out Hunter.  So Gunner got to play with him as well.  When I put Hunter back inside the house Gunner decided it was time for a swim in the pond.  Mamma wouldn't let him back in the car after that.  So we drove real fast down the driveway(1/2 mile long) with Gunner in full pursuit.  It was comical to say the least.  His first 1/4 mile was impressive then the Big in big brown dog started to show.  The second 1/4 mile was a wee bit slower. LOL.  By the time he was home he was half dry.
I had to run down the road and check out some wood working equipment a guy was getting rid of.  There was a Craftsmand joiner/planer.  A bandsaw, a scrollsaw and a mini tablesaw.  I got all of that for a jug of Tanqeray Gin.
Bernie the other neighbor stopped over as well to check out my smoking process and of course catch up on deer hunting updates.
Grover brought his dog Cooper over as well in the late afternoon.  He is a Vizla hound dog.  He's really pretty.  He loves chasing birds too.  Natural bird dog.  Big brown dog loved that of course.  4 dogs in one day.  Priceless.  If I would have taken him goose hunting he might have just died right there.  It wasn't gonna get any better than that.  Cooper and Gunner had a little joust in the shop and I managed to get a couple pics.

Grover and Cooper left and I eventually made my way back into the house.  The smoker was still running but the day was winding down.  I went upstairs and sat in bed with momma and we watched a vampire/werewolf movie together.  A bowl of popcorn and a granola bar was our dinner.  Sometimes it's the simple things in life that are the best.  Friends, dogs, a scary movie and a little R n R with your wife.
We don't need fancy cars and fine things.  I look for the beauty in the things that are already there.   I often wonder if the people that have everything are really happy.  I get my happiness from making other people happy. 
 In the end it's not what you have it's who you have!

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