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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Deer Hunting getting closer

Counting down the days till Sunday.  Our opener of gun season.
We went out to the property we gun hunt and checked on a few things.
Of course the farmer chisel plowed just before the season.  It's really hard to walk through and like quick muck when rained on.  We have our picnic tables in the barn along with coleman stove for coffee and heating up lunch fixings.  I took out my new fish fryer set up.   I will be frying up some smoked chicken wings.  Should be good.
Tomorrow I will be smoking two briskets to take as well.  I also have two blocks of cheese to smoke.
A sharp cheddar and a pepper jack.  We will have a big pot of chicken soup too.  I have made up a bunch of jerky bags for the guys.  A half pound of my special thin jerky.  Vacuum packed and ready for the deer blind.
The big buck is still in the neighborhood a friend seen him yesterday driving down the road.  He said he was headed toward the vicinity of my stand.  We have a trail cam picture of him but I think I accidentally deleted it.  He is a nice buck.  One side of his rack is deformed but still nice.  10-12 inch tines too.
I can't wait to get out there.  I know the odds of seeing him are slim but.......
I took a few pictures of the sunset that day.  It was beautiful.

This is Carson trying to hold up the sun.

Bob and Hunter

It's always nice to be out in nature.

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