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Thursday, January 7, 2010

First good snow of the season

We are under a snow watch today.  Getting our first decent taste of winter.  Storm totals are expected to be up to 7 inches.  Not that much but it does get a little difficult to travel.  we have been getting an inch here and there and some freezing rain and sleet but today is a real snow day.


My poor flower pots
(the third and smallest is in the bathroom thawing so
I can dump it)

Birds need a re-fill.

The dogs just love fresh snow.  Especially when I dump it on them while shoveling.

Time to head on in.  No Biscuits outside!!

Poor Remmi gets a little cold.  He only has puppy fur.
He loves his white goatee though.  Says it makes him look cool.LOL
Wasn't much sun today so I made my own.
Happy snow day to all!!!!!!

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