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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Furlough Day 3

Opening day of early goose season!!!
Left the house at 5:30 am and headed out to a green chop corn field.  I went alone on this hunt as my goose partner's daughter joined the Marines and had her swearing in yesterday.  Congratulations Nicole!!

I hauled all the gear out in the field.  Probably close to 120 lbs of blind, decoys, gun, shot shells, coffee, water, granola bars, corn cobs.  It was a good work out if anything.  I was setting up my decoys shirtless because it was pretty warm.

The pile of corn stuff is my blind

The sun is coming up. 

My spread of decoys.  The wind was blowing about 10 mph from the SSW so I set my blind with the wind at my right side, I was facing east, then strung my decoys out in a long J shape.  My blind sat in the curve of
the J.  Point is, geese land into the wind so they are supposed to land into the curve of the J or anywhere in front of it.  The decoys act as blockers and steer the geese into a shooting position.  Theoretically anyways!!

Here is a good shot of the J formation.  Zoom in and you will see my blind about 7th or 8th in the line of decoys.

Daylight shot of the blind.  I like to put a decoy by it like it is feeding in a pile of stubble.  Corn cobs strewn around make it more enticing.  They actually make plastic corn cobs to help lure them in.  It is illegal to feed/bait them with real food. 

Corn Feet!!

Turns out I didn't get any geese but I did have 3 Sand hill Cranes drop in on my set.  Also had a bunch of crows drop in and right at the last second they flared away.  That is the closest I have ever had crows.
You know you have a good set up when crows get close.  The geese just haven't found this field yet as it was green chopped only Monday.  They will. 
When I got home I had a not so ordinary breakfast of meatloaf and eggs.
I pan fried a piece of leftover meatloaf and plopped a big egg right on top.
The yolk mixed with the meatloaf was really good.

Well gotta go.  Ernie is meeting me here at 6:30 am to load the boat for our season premiere on the goose pond.  It's 5:30 am now.  Yeah if you haven't figured it out my posts are set a day late.
Stay tuned for the next blog, it is sure to have geese in it!!!


  1. Better luck next time and that is sure my kind of breakfast. Hope you're not out of work too long.

  2. Big Dude,
    We did better this morning. Stay tuned. meatloaf and eggs is something everyone should try!


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