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Friday, September 3, 2010

Furlough Day 4

This will be a short one.  We hit the pond in the morning.  As soon as all the night roosting geese left (100 or so) we slipped into the boat and set up some perimeter decoys, trying to cover the area they want to land with the spread to force them to land closer to us.  Then we anchored up and waited.  We had 3 singles come in.  One landed too far out, one I pulled from the sky with a load of BB.  The third I flat out missed.  We also had a group of about 7 come in and Ernie gathered up 2 of them while I harvested 1.  Then it went quiet and it started raining.  It rained from about 8:30 and when we called it at noon it was still raining and wouldn't you know it the weather guy called for clear conditions until about noon so we had zero rain gear.  We paid our dues to the waterfowl club though because we were soaked to the bone.  I did snap a couple pics but when it started raining I had Ernie put my camera in his waterproof bag and it is at his house now.OOOPS.
So to make a short story long, just kidding, we ended up with four out of 10 sightings.  Pretty good for our first outing together.  The great thing is out of the hundreds of geese using this particular pond we only educated about 6 of them.  So Friday morning all the rest, or some of the rest, will return with no idea we are there or nothing to be suspicious about anyways.  Ernie's son Steve is making the trip with us this morning.  Hi first time in the duck boat.  He has access to some hot fields right now so there is some back scratching going on.  LOL  Ok enough for now.  We will be field hunting tonight so I will try and post this afternoon between hunts.  If I have enough time.  I have to change my field hunting gear over to wheat stubble instead of corn before this afternoon. 

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