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Friday, December 24, 2010

New feature on the blog

I tried a new feature on my blog.  You'll find it at the bottom of the page.  I am not 100% sure how everything works but the gist of it is you sign in or register at the bottom and your picture pops up.  The screen will show the top ten users or close to that anyways.  people reading my blog will see your picture and when they click that, if you register correctly,  they can go to your blog as well.  The top person/reader will appear at the right of the bar as the one true fan.  This will change according to how many times people read my blog.  You will need a twitter or facebook account to register and it seems as though the facebook app is down at the moment so I signed up to twitter.  My picture isn't showing (just an egg) but I will figure it out.  I am looking for more ways to get my blog out to the masses.  I have been stuck at 13 followers for awhile now.  Yeah I know take the hint, "You Suck".   I'll go down fighting anyways.
Perhaps if I monetize my blog it may help.  Does anyone make any money off of it anyways?  That is not my intention and I feel it misrepresents who I am.
I am on here for fun and because I love to write.
There is more details on the new app in the blog updates and info on your dashboard.  Sorry I am not computer savvy just barely capable.
Of course I never blog without pics anymore so........here!
Who pays the fine now?  I'm confused!


  1. Have a great Christmas up there in the cold North - it's supposed to snow here tomorrow in the warm South.

  2. Long absent blogger here - I am traveling for the holidays this year and trying my best to catch up on the plethora of posts. Sadly I can't comment on everything because I'm working on my iPad and it has it's limits. However, you have posted some might entertaining business this past week and I wanted you to know I've been reading and chuckling along with you. Rant on, Jeff. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


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