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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pan fried walleye and Dinner ideas

I can't let my walleye dinner slip away without a couple pictures.  It wasn't fancy and we all ate in the kitchen on the big counter top.  I remember my Dad cooking this way and if you hovered around him while he was cooking he would give samples.  We dined on walleye, shrimp, calamari, home cut fries and a T-bone steak. (Momma is not a big fish fan)

I prepped the fry station.  I need a new deep fryer because mine will not reach temp anymore.  I just found that out.  My digital temp probe gave that away.

I battered the shrimp and calamari and rolled the walleye in dry mix.
Deep fry for the shrimp and calamari and a pan fry for the walleye.

The shrimp and squid I bought from the local grocery store.  The shrimp were uncooked with shell on.  That is the only way to buy them up here that will give you a half decent flavor.  I grew up on fresh shrimp from Florida so it's hard for me to eat "other" shrimp.  The calamari was frozen and cleaned already so it was really easy to work with.  Momma does like fried squid.  Go figure!

The t-bone I simply seasoned and threw it on the set it and forget it for 20 minutes.  I couldn't run the fry station and keep going outside for the grill.
I scrubbed and sliced the potatoes and threw them in the skillet to fry.

Golden brown shrimp and walleye


I know this is no heart healthy meal but I only bust out the deep fry tools a couple times a year.
As you can see in the pic above I use Drakes fry coating.  It is subtle and doesn't cover up the flavor of the food.  The walleye was awesome.  Cooked just right it was flaky and firm. 
There was a couple fillets left so I froze them and Kaitlin and I will have fish tacos very soon. 
Working on a New Years Eve menu now.  I'm thinking roasted beef loin crusted with a garlic and rosemary.  Cheddar and garlic mashed potato baked in the oven with panko topping and bacon bits and some of my green beans sauteed with bacon, garlic and onions and finished in chicken stock till tender and then a molten chocolate cake with peppermint crumbles served in individual ramekins.  I've seen these recipes on the food channel and have tested all but the beef so I know they are good and I am confident in my abilities to cook for multiple people.  Should be spot on and besides that the little cakes are awesome.  When you cut into them molten chocolate comes flowing out of the middle.  It's like having cake and licking the beaters at the same time.
Of course I will have to bring out the pomegranate martinis again.
The liquid sits in a bowl full of fresh cut fruit such as pineapple, lime, lemon, starfruit, apples, oranges, mango and so on.  Whatever is fresh at the market.
The flavor is out of bounds but don't get carried away because you'll be singing at the dinner table.  Very Strong!!
I don't have an appetizer picked out yet but the crab stuffed mushrooms are always a hit and seared scallop served in an avocado ring, sprinkled with chorizo crumbles and a pinch of cilantro is refreshing.  The bacon wrapped potato wedges drizzled in honey was a huge success as well last time.  (More than I thought it would be.  I had to give out the recipe before the night was over)  Now I just need some guests!!!LOL


  1. Looks like a fish feast. I'm a big fan of pan fried cold water fish, but since I'm not a fisherman, I rarely get it.

  2. I LOVE a big fish fry - my Mom was the best fisherperson you can imagine and still would be if she could get around. That menu for New Year is drool worthy, too, dude. Nice!

  3. Larry,
    You live on a lake!! Am I missing something. I'm not a huge fisherman but I love fish and that is enought to get a pole in my hands. In fact tomorrow I will be setting on 6 inches of ice looking for a mess of bluegills. You cook way too good and should have a nice supply of fresh fish.

  4. Vickie,
    Thanks for the menu compliments. Unfortunaltley I can't get anybody to commit to dinner and if I do it will be new years eve day and I will be scrambling for food.


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