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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wake up Asshole!!!!

Funny things happen sometimes.  I have seriously been delinquent in my blogging efforts as of late.
Reading them, commenting on them and writing my own.  Sorry folks!  Self consummation is a bitch!!
I was reading up on some blogs and I popped over to Bruce Johnson JADIP   and read this post.Slow Down and Beer Me
It was like a slap in the face.  I have been all depressed and upset about house hunting and all the bull crap that goes along with it that I have forgot to be thankful for even being in a position to buy a house.  Especially when so many are facing the biggest financial crisis of their lives.  Sorry again people.
I need to remember that the journey is the fun part the end is a damn box being lowered into the ground.  Who the hell wants to hurry up and get there???????????

I won't say much else but it's time to start living and not just being alive.
Thanks Bruce!!

Until next time.  (oh yeah I'm working Friday, special project I volunteered so see ya when I get home)
I found a new use for my Hot Tub in the Winter


  1. Bushman!

    thanks for the shout out and glad i could help. looks like the jacuzzi cooler is a great idea!

    I jsut got back form mancave thursday (wed edition) and popped in to see this...

    it really made me jazzed to see that my goofy world view is helpful!

    peace out! and enjoy your end of week prizes...


  2. The jacuzzi cooler is indeed cool. We've had such a ridiculous amount of snow here this year I should at least put it to good use.

    The Simple Dude

  3. Thanks Guys I appreciate the visit. If the darn heat bills weren't already so high I would be sitting in the jacuzzi and drinking the beer instead of going outside to the tub to get one and bring it back in. Irony is a bitch!!


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