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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cuban Cigars and a Fruit Station!

Happy Thirsty Thursday my friends.  I accidentally fell out of work an hour early today. (snicker)  I went to the store for some beer and also grabbed a slab of baby backs that were on sale and a pint of Killz.
I came home, drank all the beer, covered the ribs with Killz and ate them raw.   THE END!
Or not.....
I picked up 2 six packs.  One is a trusty Leinenkugels in Creamy Dark and the other is called The Poet which is an oatmeal stout from Holland Mi.  Bruce told me had been drinking an oatmeal stout from his neck of the woods and this may be it.  It's good.  Has the nice thick head that I like.  The foam sticks to the side of the glass and does not slide back into the beer.  Smooth, creamy texture with a robust flavor of toasted oats.  I really like the toasty, creamy, super dark beers.  # 2 is on the way to belly land.

My co worker Frank (Sr. Guacamole from Peso City) just returned from a trip to Aruba and he brought me back a true Cuban Cigar.  If you don't know,  I love a good cigar.  I was a pretty frequent smoker until we had to start saving our pesos for a house.  I gave up my hobby for the time being.  Frank also liked a fino once in awhile and he was well aware of my sport.  So he smuggled one through customs just for me.
I may smoke it tonight or I may wait until tomorrow.  One way or the other I'm gonna fire it up.
Both my Humidors have been empty for months now and it's a sad sight.  I quit cigarette smoking about 4 years ago give or take but I didn't pick up cigars as a replacement I was always interested in cigars.  Didn't know anything about them until my dear wife purchased a sampler pack for me.  There was an add in a outdoor magazine for cigars and I left it open to that page and propped on the counter for days.  (hint for Father's day) and one day she asked me what I wanted for Father's Day and I drug her butt over to the counter and casually nodded at the mag.  Ever since then I have been hooked.  Most of my knowledge is gained from the internet and any research I may do and some is from actually smoking them.  I used to have a cigar review blog but I quit that.  Should have kept it going but with no smoke...no blog!
It's the same way with wine for me.  I want to learn everything about it and try all kinds of wine.  I have sampled a few 20 or so varieties so far but my real interest lies in growing fruit and making wine.
I swear when I get my own house I will have my 1. mini brewery   2.  cigar lounge   3. wood shop.
I will also have a bitchin' garden and fruit "station" whatever that may be.
I want to be able to sit out on my awesome patio with a great cigar and perhaps a bottle of home brewed beer or a nice glass of wine or even a finger of golden Bourbon and just relax.
You know I didn't sit down to write out all my aspirations in life so I had better stop there.
The main thing is it's nothing crazy that I want.  It's not expensive.  There is no luxury tax involved.
I have spent the past 25 years yearning for something that  I would never get.  I no longer seek fortune and fame, power or greatness.  Just give me A Simple Life
I almost forgot the new blog site is up and running so if you want the address just let me know in the comment section and I'll get it to you.


  1. poet is awesome...

    try to find Founders oatmeal stout is the beer in question...surprisingly only 4.5%. it is good if not better... but some i know like POET better. my Bro in law loves poet and that is where i started...

    thanks again for pimping me out!

    gimme that site address...

    wish i could just do cigars, but it will just lead me to smoking cigarettes...

    been there and dided that..

    mebe in a few years i can smoke a cigar, but right now, no way...

    few things in this world are as good as a good cigar, tho!

  2. If it's a dirty site ... I wanna be in!

  3. Cuban Cigars are the best I personally tried
    Cohiba Cigars and it's amazing!

  4. Love the focus on that cigar it must be a Cohiba Cigars I guess and enjoyed visiting your blog. Thanks!

  5. I made the error of fully inhaling with the first (and last) cigar I ever tried.

    Barfing ensued. (Okay, I had also been drinking. A LOT.).

    What's this other blog about?

  6. SiryozO--It was not a Cohiba, though I have had them and they are nice.

    StephanieC-- I do not inhale (on purpose and insert Clinton joke here) and the other blog is actually now this one. It used to be "A Simple Life" but it seems as thought that was a popular title in blog land I also wanted a new site to ditch a couple of stalkers. I have now changed the address and the title of the blog and combined them both!

  7. A-HA! Okay, good to know.

    I've had some similar issues... but am too lazy to do anything about it.

  8. My mother worked long hours in the factory and visited her father faithfully every evening as it dropped conservatively in his jacket draped over his chair to pay for his cigars.


  9. Cigars like these reminds those old mafia days in Hollywood movies. When smoking these cigars are considered as status symbol.

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