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Friday, April 8, 2011

When the Moment is Right (and other stupid stuff)

Good morning and welcome to the Friday edition of A Simple Life.  A blog about anything that happens to cross my mind at the moment my fingers hit the keyboard.   I have an addiction to the people of Walmart, writing only the beginnings of short stories, taking pictures of my dogs and my garden and a bunch of other stupid shit that nobody really cares about but me.  That's why it's my blog and not yours jerkwad!

Yesterday I posted about some new beer I tried.  The New Holland Brewery in Michigan has an oatmeal stout called the Poet.  I drank 4.  Back to back to... well you get the idea.  4 beers doesn't sound too bad does it.  I mean I poured them in a glass so that slowed me down a bit but after only 4 I had one hell of a buzz.  Enough that I drank no more.  So I got up this morning and looked at one of the 4 empty bottles on the counter and discovered that the alcohol content was almost 6%.  That explains it.  It was more like drinking 7 or 8 regular beers.  oops!  Now don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with that but I get hangovers very easy.  One more of those I probably would have had a headache this morning.  It sucks getting older.  You start to understand your weakness and vulnerabilities.  I did not smoke my cigar either.
I figured after working all day and kinda being tired the moment wasn't right. 
Funny thought just occurred in my crazy brain.  Picture this.....Me popping a pill when the moment is right (Cialis) but instead of boning the old lady I get in my bathtub, which is conveniently located outside on the lawn with beautiful panoramic views of the countryside, light a fat cigar and pour a glass of beer.  Yep now the moment is right!! 
And on to bigger and lesser important things of a non combative nature!
The Killz paint I spoke of yesterday?  It was not for my ribs it was for the new house.  The appraiser was by and listed a few things he need fixed before the house was closed on.  The overflow on the water heater does not have an extension pipe leading to the floor.  I need to install a fitting and chunk of copper.  No big deal.  There is also some peeling paint on the exterior door trim and around the garage area he wants scraped and painted.  Hence the Killz.  It's white pigmented so it will match the existing paint color.  I Simply just want to do the areas that need it and I figured the Killz would seal it and prime it for a future paint job when the temps are better and a thorough and complete job can be done.  Problem is it's raining right now.  Bitches!!!!
Oh well I'll do the pipe today and check on the house and make sure everything is still cool.
The selling bank has procured permits and is currently getting estimates to install a new raised bed septic system on the property and our closing date has now been pushed ahead to April 26th.  The frost laws have been removed in this area so excavation and what not can occur any time now.  I may have a new system before we move in.  That would be nice. 
One more thing before I go.  My post the other day on Dirty Chuck .  I got a lot of feedback on how the crossed out names and words were still readable.  OK I will spell it out for you.  It is sort of like blogger sarcasm.  You type a word, cross it out, and replace it with something more politically correct.  It is supposed to be funny in a way.  Being a smart ass in type I guess.  Understand now you jackasses  Got it my friends?
By the way, was that you I saw the other day at the store?  Couldn't tell but those looked like your boots!

I have a new blog kicking as well.  It's a say what you mean and kiss my ass if you don't like it type of blog.
It's for selected members only.  If you want in let me know and I'll forward you the address.
If your request the address and I don't give it to you..your shit outta luck pal!!

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