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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Love You and Breakfast for Dinner?

Well I must say last nights post on writers block stirred up more comments than I thought.  Apparently this is a pretty common thing.  I must confess I probably didn't have normal writer's block. What I mean is when I sit down to write all kinds of crazy crap is usually right there waiting to spill.  If you have been with me awhile you would know I don't post much about current news or happenings.  I sort of let the brain take over and once the first few words hit the screen I'm OK.  As the case last night.  I sat down and stared at my reflection in the monitor trying to figure out what to write.  My brain is all buzzed up from this house deal
(more disturbing updates tomorrow) kids and college, landlords and all the other bung busting bull crap!
So when my fingertips hit the keyboard.......nothing.  So I forced it.  I figured what better way to beat writer's block then write about it.  Maybe it didn't come across that way but if you go back and re-read it now it might make a little more sense.  (something which is hard fought for in this blog)

So on to better things.....shit it's back!  Nope just kidding I had to stop at the grocery store on the way home from boredom  work and pick up some stuff and I figured I better just grab tomorrow's beer today!
Yeah how do you think that worked out for me?  Let's just say Sam Adams makes a really great Irish Red!
Beer makes me type like crazy.....or type crazy one or the other but it's all fun in the ned...end!

I have a few things already lined up for Thirsty Thursday and my Top Ten so make sure you stop in tomorrow night around 6-7 pm.  Sam and I have a date (need to get more). 

One more thing on my mood! (Bad)
I had just sat down to type this crap and my phone rings.  Not a text mind you but a good old fashion ring.
It's my step daughter (Spunky) she asks me, "I have a really serious question.  What's for dinner?"
I laugh and reply, "Breakfast".  The rest of the convo goes something like this (without the damn quotations)
Are you serious?  Yeah why not?  Really what are we having for dinner?  Breakfast!  WhooHooo !!!!!
OK Bye!  Love you Jeff!  Love you too!

Now to some of you that might be normal but being a stepparent I don't get a lot of I love Yous.
Times like these make my heart swell and realize what being a parent is all about (even though my kids are 14 and17)  You know every once in awhile they screw up and call me Dad!  Few and far between but my heart jumps in my chest and my stomach gets butterflies.  I've been with them for almost 12 years now!
Probably can count the Dads on one hand.

OK I'm off to make fried potatoes, bacon, eggs, toast, sausage links and pancakes!

Manana bitches!


  1. Well at least she was nice to. Most kids today are jackasses.

  2. I'm on your heels Oilfield...
    Kids can suck and they can be right royal pains in the butt.

    And then...out of the blue they hit you with that four letter word - LOVE - damn it feels good!

    Soak it up with that toast you just made for your dinner breakfast (which is one of my favourite meals of the day)


  3. Love breakfast for dinner ... one of my favorites. I know that my hubby gets all giddy when my girls use the "Dad" word on him too. I'm sure it does feel good knowing that you are on the same playing field as their "Father" or in our case ... Sperm Donor.

  4. That is really super sweet that you get so much joy out of the I LOVE YOUs.

    Sounds like it came at a great time.

    That really made me smile... I hope they share their love with you more often, even as they get older.

    Enjoy breakfast for dinner!!

  5. Oil--Kids are definatley not what we used to be
    Pearson--sure makes it nice when u hear it
    Minesakeeper--tough part for me is their Dad is very active in their lives so I am a true second parent type. I'll never get the chance to be a "real" dad.
    StephanieC--The worst moods can be broken with just a few words can't they?


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