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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Salutations and Puppy Piles

So I'm sitting here watching the dogs play in the pool, a cold beer in front of me, steaks marinating in the fridge and I have this crazy urge to write something clever.  Something that will make you think about me for the rest of the week.  I can't right now though because I have to keep an eye on the dogs.  With a psychopathic neighbor who threatens to break all our necks should the dog set foot on his property again I must be on top of my game.  An outstanding vigil is a must when you live within the confines of such murderous property lines.  I can't figure out what makes these people tick.  Why are they so angry about things.  My blog readers have pretty much grown up with my two dogs and you know they are about as evil as the Disney Chipmunks.  No not Alvin Simon and Theodore either those rodents are just flat out annoying and are the types I deem sacrificial in the annals of target practice.  The other ones, which back in the day when i watched cartoons(yesterday) did not even talk.  Regardless of the rodent infestation I just managed to trip over my dogs are cuddle mutts, masters of the puppy pile and if they would have indeed caught the neighbors cat.....a wicked tongue bathing would have ensued.  Remmi and Gunner have a thing for cat butt.  I think all dogs do but these ones especially.  So no harm would have come from the chase.
I suppose this may be the last time I post about this particular set of neighbors and it is sad that I could not make their acquaintance on better terms.  I have always been a lover not a fighter. 
So it is on to different worlds that I stray.  Friday is our closing date if you haven't heard and this may be my last post for awhile.  We will be moving over the holiday weekend and it will take some time to get Internet service set up and what not.  So thanks to all of you who still read this blog and congratulations to those who don't.  I bid you all a wonderful Fourth of July weekend and I will catch up with you when I can.
Thanks again,


  1. Time for change, hopefully for the better, with neighbours you can ave a beer with. Good luck with the move and see you when you get back

  2. Really excited for all of you. Excited for a new house (home). Excited for the college bound boy. Excited for the puppies to have a place to call their own with nobody watching their every move. Good things do happen to good people! Can't wait until you can get back to blogging ... it's a good way to break up my dull morning.

  3. Good luck with the move, man. And hey, someone's got to have a thing for cat butt, right?

  4. Moving sucks, but it opens new windows for friendship.


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