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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thirsty Thu..Fri...Saturday and my Top Ten!

Hello there and welcome to Thirsty Thursd...Frida.....Saturday and my Top Ten.  Yes I know it's a little late but hey you know what they say.  I did drink beer on Thursday however it was my lovely daughter's 15th birthday and we celebrated it at the local Mexican restaurant.  Then after that we went back to her Dad and Step Mom's house for cake and presents.  I also had to work Friday so there wasn't much room for computer time.
We had a good time at the restaurant and although it was all Kaitlin's Dad's family it doesn't bother me in the least.  It all kind of seems like one big family almost.  It's nice.  I sampled the fish tacos and gave it a solid 2 on a scale of 1 to ten.  They were not well thought out.  I received two tacos wrapped in aluminum foil that contained a small amount of crumbled fried fish (or cat) and some tomatoes and onions on the side.  Like a whole handful of chopped onions.  Who in the hell is gonna eat a handful of onions on a taco?  No crispy slaw or guacamole puree or anything else that I would presume to accompany a fish taco platter.  Then they gave me a tossed salad which was nothing more than chopped lettuce, cheese and yes you guessed it two handfuls of onions.  Whatever it didn't bother me as much as I make it sound here (drama boy) I was there for Kaitlin's birthday and as I watched her smile ear to ear and her eyes sparkle as she opened her presents and cards I didn't even realize I was eating onions....by the handful!  Of course the staff had to adorn her with one of those giant sombreros and sing her the patented Mexican restaurant birthday song.  To top it off one of the servers picked up the spoon to give her a bite and she actually opened her mouth (sucker) and he plopped it all over her nose.  It was hysterical.  It even went up her nose.  I expected her to turn around and nut punch the little chico but she didn't she just smiled and snorted as she tried desperately to clean whipped cream from her nose and still appear to be lady like!
I tell ya I don't know what I'm gonna do when both kids are gone.  I miss them tons right now and it's only been two weeks.  With them staying at their Dad's house full time while were in between houses I don't see them much.  Of course they are teenagers and it's summer break so they are oblivious to most things so I don't worry too much.  Baby Joe Joe was busy Thursday night and missed the party so I picked them both up and took them to lunch on Friday when I got out of work.  We had Chinese! (cat).  Then we went to see the house again because Joe had yet to see it.  I had the combo for the door because the realtor had accidentally forwarded me an email trail that had the combo in it. (shhhhhhh) so we peeked inside and I did see a business card on the counter from the appraiser so that's been done.  Getting very close now!

Ok back to the theme of this post my beer for Thursday was Dos Equis.  Two big mugs!  My favorite Mexican cervecez!  Afterwards it was Busch Light in Kaitlin's Dad's garage. 
Stay Thirsty my friends!
Last night my bride and I went out for Italian.  Cuginos in town Grand Ledge has some great Italian food.  I had a couple Newcatle Brown Ales with dinner.  (that is a really good beer as well)
Two days and three different cuisines.  Now I just need a nice French Bistro!

My top ten of the week, good or bad you decide:

#1........We had our annual health screening at work-----(I'll be fine if I lose weight, lower BP, fix
            cholesterol and stop drinking beer and being a human.  I'll miss you all!)
#2........Happy 15th to Kaitlin!!........(aka Pumpkin Head)
#3........I put 350 miles on my car in one week........(it took me 11 months to do 3000 before)
#4........Overtime Friday.........(inventory..it's like free money)
#5.......Crazy neighbor has been laying low.......(could be the laxatives I slipped down his well head)
#6.......Had ex landlords numbers blocked on my phone.....(no more harassing me or threats)
#7.......Drove by old house to double check for mail......(the garden is in shambles and the weeds are
            taller than the vegetables.  What a shame!)
#8......I have already began concocting plans for the ultimate garden at new house....(it will be a multi-
          level, super efficient, beautiful masterpiece.)
#9......Baby Joe Joe has his graduation open house next Saturday....(roasted hog and deep fried
#10....A big thanks to all of you who take time to read this crap even as sporadic as it is!


  1. I hope you can begin that new garden soon. Sad that your old one is so run down and overgrown already but that should give you more incentive to create. How much longer before you close on the new house? Hope it flies by for you.

  2. Ok, first of all, I'm laughing my ass off over the "cat" food......seriously. Second, why aren't the Italians serving cat? Fifth, I know what happenend in that Mexican restaraunt: "Extra onions on every plate! They're about to turn!"


  3. Hey at least the food didn't give you the shits.

  4. Birthdays, graduations, buying a house ... you just got it all going on don't you?

    Mexican, Italian, Chinese ... love them all even if they are cat.

  5. Not a big fan of the fish taco thing. Make mine meat (hmm. that sounds dirty)! Could be cat, but if it looks like beef and tastes like beef, what the hell do I know? Or care?
    I always get suspicious during my annual health screen when they check my cholesterol with a prostate exam.

  6. fish tacos dont sound right to me and there is no way i could have eaten a pile of onions. My stomach would never forgive me. Love Italian though, could eat it every night.

  7. I love reading your sporadic crap!

  8. slipping laxatives is awesome - sneaky bastard - got the referral to your side from oilfield trash

    check out mine - waxedredthreads.blogspot.com


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