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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Early on a Sunday

The air is damp and last night's rain still drips from the trees.  The sun is just beginning to appear over the two large pines.  Bits of blue sky hint of a nice autumn day to come.
I pull open the drapes on the French doors and am greeted with the sight of a whitetail doe and her two yearlings playing in the field right on the edge of my property.  The coffee is hot and strong.  The dogs have went back to bed and I am left alone with my thoughts once again.

OK that's enough of my thoughts.  You do not want to be left alone with them for very long.  Scary!
So what does a guy do when he is up at 5:45 on a Sunday morning?  Well......lets see!

I scoured eBay for canning jars and a pressure cooker.  Some decent deals on the cooker but $1 a piece on jars?  That is more than what you pay in the store for new.  Some people are about as sharp as a marble.

Craig's List for anything that I can think of.  I have been looking for a topper for my truck but no luck yet. 

Did some research on converting the stove from the old camper into the new burner for my smoker.  This is my next project (which is conveniently placed on the list of all current projects in the works yet still not finished) that should be a great addition to my smoking repertoire.

Started making lists for things for camping and hunting.

Then I reread some of my old blogs.  Stuff that was 2 years old or better.  362 posts.  There is a lot to choose from.  I never thought this would have lasted this long.

Friday we leave for camping and they are having a Halloween themed weekend at the campground and also a site decorating contest.  So Momma and I went out yesterday and procured some goodies to decorate with.  I have a few things to check out on the camper still.
Make sure the electric all functions on the inside.  Lights, fridge and such.  The seller assured me everything worked but I still need to check it out.
I also need to pull the wheels off and check the wheel bearings and repack them if necessary.
Check all the gas connections for function or possible leakage.

Yesterday I picked some peppers form the garden.
I was just finishing picking when the rain started.  It pretty much rained all day and night after that.
I used up the last of my canning jars making some pickled veggies.
From left to right I have 2 qts. of banana pepper rings, 2 qts of jalapeno asparagus, 5 half pints of sliced and de-seeded jalapenos, 3 half pints of whole, seeds intact jalapenos and one half pint of seeded cherry hots.  I love the asparagus.  I can't wait to be able to harvest them from my own garden.  The red jalapenos are very tasty if you de-seed them and remove all of the white ribs from the inside.  They are not hot at all.  The whole ones on the other hand will be hot.

Season totals are as follows.  This count reflects total made, not what I have on hand because I have eaten and given away some.

Canned tomatoes---46 qts
Salsa----12 qts fresh
Salsa--2 qts frozen
Pickled veggies----10 qts

I really need to get a pressure canner so I can fill the pantry next year with stuff like green beans and corn.

I still have tomatoes and I might do a batch or two of salsa yet.

The nights have been pretty cool and its time to start thinking about moving some firewood around.  I want to make a place in the garage again to stack a bunch up and I think around the end of November I will fill up the new brick paver patio full with stacks of firewood.  Then I can begin to replenish the supply "wall".

Lots to do to get ready for winter.
Have a great Sunday!

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  1. Have fun on your camping Halloween thingy! I want some pics to gawk at. I love Halloween and this time of year. Sitting by the fire, drinking a little - er - drink, and just chillin.


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