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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Flower pics and opening lines

"Oh Sweet Saturday", he whispered to himself.

He stepped out the door into the cool morning air.
The birds were singing in the woods and the first of the morning sun rays danced with the dew that still clung to the blades of green grass.  He stretched his arms high to the sky, let out a huge awakening yawn and smiled so big it left creases in the corner of his mouth for a second or two afterward.
He drew in another deep breath.  The smell of sunrise and the freshness of the morning was more exhilarating than the mornings first cup of strong coffee.  Which he promptly turned and headed back inside to retrieve.

Coffee in hand he settled down to the business at hand.
Deep in the middle of the night he had awaken from a strange dream.  So vivid and haunting that he shivered as goose skin formed on his arms and a chill raced up his backbone.  It was now that he tried to recall but as with any dream it was fading fast.

He flipped open his laptop and thought hard.  The dream was fading faster now.  He could only remember a few things.  Sad things.  So sad that his heart began to feel heavy as if he was still in the dream.
He began to write:

page 1
Chapter 1

 Tears streamed down the little boy's face as he watched his mother being drug into the dark shadows of the alleyway.

Hey there!
Just wanted to pop in and say hi.  I'm not much of a Saturday poster but here I am!

I was reading an article earlier from the "Atlantic" which had interviewed Stephen King on famous first lines in books and what was so important about them.  Of course that made me want to write.
There is a magic about a books first line.  It has to hook you into reading more.  That is its job.  Break it down paragraph by paragraph and I think the most important part of a book is the first couple lines.

Above you'll see I have wrote two opening lines in one opening page.  Now I am not a literary expert by any means.  I have never even been to college.  Only made it through high school with a C average.  Didn't care about all that crap they wanted to teach me.  I just wanted to read and write.  I would read a book every other day in school.  I barely knew what was going on in class.  So what I confess to be an expert on is being a book lover.  You CAN judge a book by its cover don't let them fool you.  If I see a muscular guy with long flowing locks wearing half of his armor and leather pantaloons caressing a half naked lover with voluptuous breasts I pick that book up right away, stare at the breasts up close and put it back down.  We all know what kind of book that is.  What you can judge a book by is its opening lines.

The whole point of this post?  There isn't one.  I just wanted to see how well I can write an opening paragraph.  Also wanted to show you some pics of my flowers that are in full bloom!

This one of the sunflowers in the garden.  Its about 7 foot tall right now.

This is my Moonbeam Coreopsis in the butterfly garden

These are my Black Eyed Susans also in the butterfly garden in fact the next few pics are in the same bed

Purple Coneflower


I had to get up on the roof and hang over the edge to paint the last 2 pieces of siding on the gable end because the ladder would have hit the power lines.  While I was up there I took a few shots

A pot I made up this spring is doing well

The washing machine is all back together again.  The house is all painted, the lawn tractor is repaired and back together, garage is cleaned and lawn is mowed.  I pulled the spare bed from the garage rafters and set that up in the spare room for our soccer coach that is coming tomorrow.  Went grocery shopping and got a hair cut.

I did most of all that on Friday and when I awoke this morning I knew that the bulk of the work was out of the way and when I stepped out on the patio I whispered to myself,
"Oh Sweet Saturday"


PS.  Would you keep reading?  I would.  I'll have to write it of course.

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  1. My favorite "wild flower" is cone flower. Love them. I have some black eyes growing, just now starting to bloom.


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