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Sunday, July 28, 2013

New format and blueberry muffin french toast

Good Morning and Sunday Salutations to you!

I have to say I should have been writing this morning but I was browsing through my blog list and found a very interesting post about using blogger dynamic views.  I had tried it before but didn't like some of the features on it mainly because it wasn't very customizeable until now thanks to Elizabeth Twist and her post.

She discovered how to change up a few things thanks to other fellow bloggers.
I really like the format so I thought I'd give it another go round.  I am by no means computer savvy and  when I read things like HTML and code and css, I usually just hit the little X up in the corner.
Alas, I am growing and while taking apart an entire washing machine never crosses my mind as "not a good idea" changing HTML code seems quite daunting.  Anyways...

The new format allows readers to see all of my post just by scrolling down the page.  It can be a pain to search through many years of blogging to read something new.  Now you just scroll down until something catches your eye and click on it.
On the right sidebar is a little rectangular box and if you hover over it the box will expand with a few options like my blog roll and such.

Some of the changes that were made in the HTML code were having the featured post title not cut off if it was too long and of course my favorite, putting a semi-transparent background in. I love changing the look of my blog.  Always looking for something easier to read and better to look at.
In this day and age everyone is reading on smart phones and tablets and the format doesn't always ring true.  I could change the format with which you view my blog on your smart phone but it would just be a plain old blogger format.

I hope you like it.  I was browsing through some other sites this morning that popped up on my Facebook feed and I found some killer recipes for BBQ sauces.  Might have a few things up my sleeve for this fall and my annual canning, sausage making and all around festival of cooking that happens this time every year.
I've started stocking up on canning supplies already. :)

Tomorrow is delivery day for my new pressure canner.  A gift from Mom and Pops while I was up at the cottage visiting them.  Delivery was a bit delayed but I am so looking forward to having it in my arsenal.  No more giant pots of boiling water on the stove heating the entire house up and raising the humidity ten fold.

I will also be able to can other foods like corn and beans, peppers, venison, BBQ sauce and all other sorts of goodies that just aren't safe when using a boiling water canning method.

Now I want to cook!  I was thinking this morning about a new breakfast.  I have some blueberry muffin mix in the cupboard and if I bake it into a loaf, let it cool, slice it and dip it in an egg wash and then throw it on the skillet for a bit I will have blueberry muffin French toast.  Spread some creamy butter on it, warm maple syrup and a sprinkle of powdered sugar.  Of course a couple slices of bacon on the side wouldn't hurt a bit.

I'm off to preheat the oven!

Remmi is patiently waiting!


  1. I really like the transparent thing. The other features? While they'll take getting used to, they look pretty neat, too.
    I remember complaining about my smart phone ("All I want to do is make a frikkin' call!!") but I eventually succumb to technology. I know I'll get used to them.

  2. Pretty background. I am not usually a fan of this style because I don't like to have to click to read more. I will survive. :) Glad you are learning new stuff, though. I think it keeps your mind nimble as you age. NOT that you are old... :P

  3. I'm surprised this actually works for me. Most of the Dynamic View blogs I follow won't let me see the comments section (it's a known issue that Google won't do anything about), so if you see your comments drop drastically one day, just know that might be the culprit.


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