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Thursday, April 11, 2013

K is for Strung Up!

"Karl!  The kite is getting away", the boy screamed at his companion Which by looks alone one would think they were twins.

"I got it, quit being a baby", the look-a-like hollered back.

"Don't be running into Mr. Karlson's Kale crop, he'll string you up like he did the Werford kid"  "I reckon you'll last a couple days but Jimmy Jolette from homeroom said you'll eventually drown in your own pee".
"Ol' man Karlson strings you up from the feet!", the boy exclaimed.

His eyes were open wide and he truly believed what young Jim had said about Karlson's Kale crop.

As he chased the kite, he laughed and ran as fast as he could.  Without even thinking about it he crossed the line and stepped into the dark green Kale field.

Invisible detectors began to send out silent signals and before long boots were tied and the rope was stuffed into a knapsack.  Ol' man Karlson was on his way. 

The boys didn't know it.  Ol' man Karlson didn't know it but a grisly murder was about to paint his lush green Kale crop a brilliant scarlet red.  For at the end of the field stood a large plywood crate with customs stamps all over it.  The silent alarms were not really silent at all and they awoke a sleeping giant and it's precious brood.

The sleepy little town of Klapston Falls was about to be the most horrific crime scene in all of America. 

Wow I sure didn't have a clue where that one was going.  That's what makes this fun.  I was able to get my hands on a temporary laptop so I can at least try and stay on top of things.  Just the thought of not writing down the crap in my head is too overwhelming.  I might blow up!

So anyways I'm back in the game for now.  Thanks to my loyalists for continued reading.


  1. Kool - kinda kreepy - had me klinging to the edge of my chair!
    Yeah, I know those aren't real words...but hey - I'm not a rule keeper - like little Karl I'm always pushing the krate! hahahaha

    So glad you're still in the game - would'ave been no good without you!


  2. You had me at 'drown in your own pee.'
    Oh, that probably doesn't sound right.

  3. This sounds like a lead in to a Twilight Zone episode. I kept expecting to see Rod Serling rise out of the Kale Crop! Sorry about the virus, and I hope the problem is resolved soon,



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