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Friday, December 9, 2011

Thirsty Thursday and Friday's Top Ten!

Gol' Dang it's cold in here this morning!
Dressed in my usual morning attire, underwear, I wander downstairs to feed the dogs.
From there I finish getting dressed, tennis shoes and a coat, and head outside to allow the dogs to relieve themselves.  Poignant, I know.  Gosh Darn it's cold out here I tell them as they wander around, noses to the snow that was not supposed to accumulate last night.  Gunner doesn't mess around as usual and gets right to business but little meth lab Remmi heads straight for the tree line.  I hear a deer run away.  I hear Remmi run away. 
Mother crapper that snow is cold in the tennis shoes as I plod through it headed for the treeline with hopes of recovering the dear yellow little freak before the hair on my legs freezes and falls off.
I am not dressed for a trek.  Normally I stand right outside the door and normally they come running back within a few minutes.  So picture a half naked fat guy running around in the snow, whisper calling at his dog so he doesn't get the neighbors dogs barking.  It doesn't work and they sound off.  Their barks louder than ever in the cold air.  Finally a streak of yellow appears far out in the distance only visible thanks to the light snow accumulation that wasn't coming according to the weather morons.
Back in the house we go and quickly I empty the snow from my shoes before it melts fully.
That was how I started my day.  It worsened from there as I had to work overtime yet again.
Out at noon, lunch, a nap, a couple cold ones and I'm back in the saddle again.
Thirsty Thursday was a go last night but it was too thirsty and I never made it to the computer.
Tony stopped by (Tony is featured here which coincidentallyy is my first top ten post ever) and he brought with him two six packs of Leinenkugels.  A classic Amber for me and Berry Weiss for him.  A couple of Miller Lites before hand made for an exceptional night.  (lousy morning)
So without anymore discussions of fat naked men in the snow chasing down meth labs I give you my Top Ten of the week.  As always, you decide good or bad because frankly my dear I don't ....sorry!

#1  Welcome to my new followers,  Elliot Micheal McLeod, Yandie Goddess of Pickles, Gene Pool Diva, Train to Nowhere, Powdered Toast Man and The Angry Lurker.  (I normally welcome new followers in my top ten but have been way behind, forgive me.  Also too lazy to link them but they are in my read list so check 'em out.  I wouldn't have them if they weren't cool!)
#2  We have a fresh new blanket of snow.  (not quite enough to shovel though)
#3  6 hours of Christmas overtime today.  (that should be enough for some dollar store mittens)
#4  A 25 cent an hour raise at work.  (No I'm not special everyone got one)
#5  I am now officially making 27 cents an hour.  (How much does stuff cost in the dollar store?)
#6  My plan for the day was installing gutters on the front of the garage and hanging Christmas lights.  (too   cold and snowy, pass me another beer please)
#7  Our first annual Holiday Euchre tourney and party is next weekend.  (Were on a roll.  One in a row now)
#8  So far this week I am winning the battle with the propane tank.  (son of a $%&* I need to cut more wood already)
#9  We have decided on a new layout for our kitchen/dining room.  (Santa just needs to fork over some Benjamins now)
#10  Tomorrow is Christmas tree day! ( One of my favorite sports.  I always win )
Have a great weekend and stay warm my friends!



  1. Well, la-di-da, Mr. 25 cents an hour raise!
    I got 23 cents an hour and I'm planning on banking that increase to take the family to Disney World.
    In 2026.

  2. By the way, your story made ME frikkin' freeze.

  3. Panwasser said it so well, that is what I feel to


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